Waterproof Smart Sunglasses

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Blue Light Protection AI Glasses

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When do you need to wear a pair of smart glasses?
We have done thousands of surveys and found that there are many situations in daily life that are not convenient to use smartphones and headphones. In these scenarios, 80% of people's demand for smart devices is sound, such as listening to music, answering calls, and listening to navigation.
Problems encountered when using mobile phones during outdoor activities: Checking your phone while driving, cycling, walking outdoors and hiking is dangerous, and talking on your phone while driving or biking is banned. It is also very inconvenient to make or receive phone calls while traveling.
Problems with wearing headphones: discomfort, unable to perceive surroundings

Therefore, we created HIPESHEN smart music glasses! It is the first smart glasses that everyone can buy, suitable for everyone's daily life. We believe that HIPESHEN smart music glasses integrate convenience, fashion, safety and health, and represent the development trend of the next generation of music playback equipment.